Monday, June 3, 2013

S.A.F.E. Food Labels

by Kelley Lindberg

Fellow blogger Daniella Knell ( has just launched her first food-allergy product, and it’s a great one. Her S.A.F.E. food allergy labels are a simple idea that most of us wish we’d thought of earlier!

The larger labels say “S.A.F.E. for___________,” and you can write your child’s name in the blank. These are absolutely ideal for preschool, school, camp, nursery, day care, babysitters, birthday parties, or anywhere else you send your child. When you send safe food or snacks with your child to Grandma’s house or to day care, for example, you can put a sticker on the snack package that says “S.A.F.E. for Johnny” and there won’t be any confusion.

The smaller-sized labels just say “S.A.F.E.,” and they are perfect for at home (where you don’t need to include the child’s name).

The main benefit is obvious – your child’s safe food is clearly labeled with brightly colored stickers that make it easy to find and easy to keep separate from other children’s food.

But Daniella says that one of the unexpected benefits of these labels is that they can empower your child, giving them a sense of control as they label their very own food.

I’m all for that!

Thanks, Daniella, for a great product that will help keep our kids safe. To order the labels, click here to visit her new S.A.F.E. Online Store.




Daniella Knell said...

Kelley... thank you soo much for promoting these! I truly believe they can be used in an endless variety of places.. home, school, camps, nursing homes and on and on. I wish I'd had them when my kids were younger and we were so stressed about managing their multiple food allergies. Daniella

Kelley J. P. Lindberg said...

Glad to help spread the word -- I think this are a great idea!

Kelley J. P. Lindberg said...

*these... I think THESE are a great idea! (Geez, it's a Monday.)