Saturday, April 10, 2021

A Few Last Words

Hi! If you’re visiting this page, you’ve probably noticed I stopped updating this blog a few years ago. Life became very complicated as I went through the “sandwich generation” phase of my life, lost both parents to forms of dementia, and moved with my husband to Colorado. Even though I'm not actively updating this Food Allergy Feast blog now, I’m keeping it up and running, because people are still finding many of the blog posts helpful.

A quick update: My son, now in his early 20s and at college, successfully underwent OIT for both peanuts and hazelnuts while he was in junior high. However, by the time he got to college, he was so sick of eating peanuts and hazelnuts every day (which he hated) that he finally opted to quit the OIT maintenance. This meant his allergies returned just as strong as ever, and he is now back to full avoidance. For him, avoidance was easier than daily maintenance with two foods he detested, and it was a conscious decision on his part.

So my recommendation is: If you’re contemplating OIT, consider the life-long commitment (at least for now), and whether you or your child has the personality that can commit to it. Some do, some don’t. Every person is unique and must make their own decision. For our family, we’re back to avoiding all products with nuts or nut contamination. We’ve been living that way for two decades now, so it’s just our normal routine. We hope your family’s path is safe, smooth, and workable for you.

Meanwhile, I hope you find helpful information on this blog. While I am no longer maintaining this food allergy blog, I am actively blogging about writing on my website, Please hop over there to visit me, to learn about writing craft and the writer’s life, and to see where I’ll be speaking or to join my bimonthly newsletter. See you there!

Be safe,