Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Guest Writing for FARE This Week

By Kelley Lindberg

The editors at FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) graciously asked me and my son to write about his recent class trip to Spain for FARE’s Spring newsletter. The article hit the digital world this week, so I invite you to hop over to FARE’s website to read about our trip. I wrote about the planning we did before the trip, and my son wrote about his experiences during the trip. We had fun working together, and we hope our story helps others contemplating travel with food allergies this summer.
Our story is on page 9. Here is the link to the Spring newsletter: FARE Food Allergy News, Spring 2014


Anonymous said...

Which Airlines did your son fly?

Kelley J. P. Lindberg said...

This trip to Spain was on Delta. We have flown on dozens (hundreds?) of planes on lots of different airlines, and this was the first time he's ever had any hint of a problem. So it's just one of those fluke things, where maybe the person in the seat before him spilled peanuts everywhere and they didn't get cleaned up thoroughly. Who knows? But don't swear off Delta because of this one incident. We've had a lot of good experiences, too. It's just a good reminder to always be vigilant, careful, and prepared! :-)