Monday, September 9, 2013

Flying Safely with Food Allergies

By Kelley Lindberg

This week, I’m a guest blogger for Living Without magazine, a magazine about gluten-free and allergy-free living that’s been a great resource for several years. So click on over to their blog to read my new article called “10 Tips for Flying Safely with Food Allergies,” where I share survival tips for airline travel.

While you’re clicking, you might want to read an excellent opinion piece that was published on the New York Time’s website this week, called “EpiPens for All.” Curtis Sittenfeld writes about the need for the national School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, which will allow schools to stock ephiphrine autoinjectors that can be used for anyone in an emergency, whether or not they have a prescription. Not sure why that's so important? Sittenfeld explains it well.

See you back here next Monday!

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