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Allergy-Free Halloween Candy Round-Up 2012, Part 2 (Local Stores) and Great Candy Corn Hunt!

by Kelley Lindberg

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Last week, I told you about some places online to order your allergen-free Halloween candy. This week, I’ll tell you about the candy I found in stores locally. Believe it or not, there are plenty of choices besides Skittles and Starbursts! (Although I’m not dissing S & S – we love them, and they are our favorite go-to brands!)

But first… “The Great Candy Corn Hunt 2012” is on!
  • Nut-free candy corn: Your best bet is Sunrise candy corn, available at the Dollar Tree or online from Peanut Free Planet. Sunrise candy corn contains egg and soy.
  • Egg-free and peanut-free candy corn: Jelly Belly candy corn. It contains soy protein, and it’s manufactured on shared equipment with milk, wheat, tree nuts, and coconut, but they say their manufacturing and cleaning processes are very stringent. You can order Jelly Belly candy corn from Jelly Belly’s website, or from Amazon. You may also find them in stores that sell Jelly Belly candy, like Smith’s.
Now, on to the Halloween candy I found in local stores. This year, I hit Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target, and Dollar Tree.


Large companies use multiple factories. That means the same candy may be produced in different places, with different allergens present. So CHECK LABELS on every single piece of candy. Wonka is one of the worst companies for producing the same candy in different packages containing different allergen warnings, but they are one of the best at individually labeling their candies so you can verify its safety before every bite. Another example: Ring Pops in Halloween flavors from Target and Walmart appear free from the Top 8. But the Ring Pops from Sam’s Club have a milk warning. So they were probably made in different factories. And a few candies have changed their ingredients and moved to other places in my list -- a good reminder to even check old favorites.

I’ve done my best to give you a representative list of what I found, to help make your candy shopping trip a little easier. But please double-check every label before you purchase, and if in doubt, call the manufacturer for clarification (most list a phone number right on their package).

I may have missed something or made mistakes as I scribbled my notes while standing in the aisles. (That goes for prices, too – sometimes it’s hard to tell the prices for different sizes of packages, so forgive me if I get something wrong!) If you find a mistake, let me know. Also, if you find a great source for safe candy, let me know that, too.

First I’ll list candies that don’t list corn as an ingredient (because there aren’t very many of them). Then I’ll list the candies and treats that do contain corn, but are free from some or all of the Top 8 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish).

By the way, EVERYTHING on this entire list is NUT-FREE and PEANUT-FREE. That's where I started, then I broke them down by the other allergens. I hope it helps simplify your Halloween season!

CORN-FREE as well as free from Top 8
(These candies don’t list corn syrup in their ingredients, so they may be safe for corn-allergic kids – please double-check ingredients. Some list dextrose, and that can come from corn, so contact the manufacturer directly if you are allergic to corn):
  • Smarties (Target - 67 pcs for $2.66 or 210 pcs for $7.99; Walmart – 165 pcs for $4.48.
  • Pixie Stix (Target, 120 for $2.69)
  • Giant Pixy Stix (Sam’s Club, 50 giant stix for $11.78)
  • Bob’s Sweet Stripes Soft Mint Candies (red & white peppermints) (Sam’s Club, 290 for $6.98)
  • Test Tube Powder Candy (doesn’t list corn, but does list “glucose syrup”) (Dollar Tree, 8 tubes for $1)
  • Candy Jewelry (doesn’t list corn, but does list “glucose syrup”), (Dollar Tree, 15 pcs for $1)
  • Spongebob Gummy Krabby Patties (doesn’t list corn, but has “glucose syrup” and beef gelatin) (Dollar Tree, 10 for $1)
  • Skulls & Bones Hard Candy (contains dextrose) (Dollar Tree, 11 for $1)
  • Too Tarts Spray Candy (contains sucralose) (Sam’s Club, 12 for $9.02)
CORN-FREE, but contains Soy warning:
  • Bakers & Chefs Starlight Mints (contains “glucose syrup” and traces of soy); (Sam’s Club has 620 for $7.48)
Everything from here on down contains corn ingredients

Free from Top 8 (Wheat, Peanut, Tree Nut, Milk, Egg, Soy, Fish, Shellfish):
  • Betty Crocker Halloween Fruit Snacks; (Sam’s Club - 48 pouches for $7.48; Walmart - 28 pouches for $4.96)
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups, Halloween designs with tattoos (Target – 36 for ???; Walmart – 36 for $4.96)
  • Kellogg’s Fruity Snacks (contains coconut oil) (Sam’s Club - 24 per box, $6.98
  • Market Pantry Halloween Fruit-Flavored Snacks (Target – 54 for $7.99)
  • Great Value Fruit Smiles (Walmart - 42 pouches for $5.28)
  • 24 Halloween Jelly LolliPops (Sam’s Club - 24 for $7.98)
  • Skittles Funsize pouches (Walmart - 20 for $2.28; Target - 21 for $2.66 or 80 for $7.99; Sam’s Club - vending size pouches, 36 for $19.88)
  • Starbursts Funsize pouches (Walmart - 32 for $2.28; Target - 32 for $2.66; Sam’s Club – vending size pouches, 36 for $19.88)
  • Starburst Gummiburst (contains coconut oil) (Walmart – 12 for $2.28)
  • Skittles and Starbursts Assortment (Sam’s Club – 172 for $10.98 or 30 vending size pouches for $14.58; Walmart - 55 for $4.48; Target – 105 for $9.99 or 55 for $4.99)
  • Skittles, Starbursts, and LifeSaver Gummies assortment (Target – 315 for $13.99; Walmart – 180 for $13.88)
  • Skittles Twist ‘n Pour (candies in a plastic pumpkin or ghost dispenser) (Target - $1 each, or 12 for $13.99)
  • Dum-Dums (Sam’s Club - 360 for $8.52; or Target has 320 for 9.99; Dollar Tree - 25 for $1; Walmart 160 for $4.48 or 70 for $2.28)
  • Dum-Dum & Smarties Assortment (Target – 200 for $7.99)
  • Ring Pops, Halloween flavors (Walmart – 22 for $4.48; Target – 2 for $1) [NOTE: Ring Pops from Sam’s Club have a milk warning, so read all labels!]
  • Market Pantry Sour Gummy Worms (Target - single hang-bag for $1)
  • Trolli Gummy Candy Mix (Target – 50 for $7.99)
  • Comix Mix Candy Stix (contains beef gelatin) (Dollar Tree – 22 for $1)
  • Marvel Heroes Candy Sticks (contains beef gelatin) (Dollar Tree - 22 for $1)
  • Jolly Rancher (Sam’s Club - 5 lb bag of 378 pcs for $10.48; Target – 3 lb bag of 285 pcs for $8.49)
  • Push Pops (Sam’s Club – 24 for $10.62)
  • Hot Tamales (Sam’s Club - 24 vending-sized packs for $14.17)
  • Mike & Ike (Sam’s Club - 24 vending-sized packs for $14.17; Target – 63 for $7.99)
  • Sour Patch Zombie Kids (Target – 80 for $7.99)
  • Sour Patch Kids (Sam’s Club - 24 vending-sized packs for $13.32)
  • Swedish Fish (Sam’s Club - 24 vending-sized packs for $13.32)
  • Dots (Dollar Tree - 6 mini-boxes for $1)
  • Life Savers Big Ring Gummies (Walmart – 32 for $2.28)
  • Bubble Babies Bubble Gum (Dollar Tree - 88 for $1)
  • Bubble Babies Sour Gum Balls (contains coconut), (Dollar Tree - 77 for $1)
  • Spooky Lollipop Rings (Dollar Tree – 5 for $1)
  • Mini Sour Dudes Straws (Dollar Tree - 10 for $1)
  • Zombie Fingers (Dollar Tree – 4 for $1)
  • Bloody Bites (plastic fangs with blood bags of blood-colored liquid candy) (Dollar Tree – 8 for $1)
  • Gummy Body Parts (Dollar Tree – coffins and bags of 12 for $1) [Note: Walmart sells Frankford Candy Body Parts that contain peanuts, nuts, milk, soy, beef, and corn, so read company name and ingredients carefully]
  • Monster Pops Lollipops (Dollar Tree – 6 for $1)
  • Grave Gummies (contains coconut) (Dollar Tree - 12 for $1)
  • Life Savers Spooky Shapes Gummies (Target – single box for $1)
  • Box of Boogers (Target – $1 each)
  • Spooky Lip Pop (Target – $1 each)
  • Snoopy Gummies (Target - $1 each)
Contains Soy or Soy Warning (but free from other 7 top allergens):
  • Wrigley’s Gum (Doublemint, Winterfresh, Big Red, Juicy Fruit, Spearmint) (Sam’s Club - 40 5-stick packs for $7.14)
  • Laffy Taffy Ropes (Sam’s Club – 48 ropes, $9.52)
  • Laffy Taffy (Sam’s Club’s – in tub of 145 for $6.22, or in Wonka Mixups bag, which contains candy with egg, 270 for $9.98)
  • Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews (Sam’s Club – 12 boxes for $6.72, or in Jolly Rancher & Twizzler Assortment, which has candy with wheat, 225 for $10.98)
  • Jolly Rancher Lollipops (Sam’s Club – in Jolly Rancher & Twizzler Assortment, which has candy with wheat, 225 for $10.98)
  • Jolly Rancher Assortment (Target – 120 for $7.99)
  • Jolly Rancher Watermelon Stix and Apple Stix (Walmart – in Jolly Rancher & Twizzler Assortment, which has candy with wheat, 100 for $4.48)
  • Double Bubble Bubble Gum (Target – 38.5 ounce bag for $7.99; Walmart – 160 for $4.48)
  • Lollipop Skulls (Dollar Tree – 16 for $1)
Contains Wheat or Wheat warning (but free from other 7 top allergens):
  • Twizzlers Cherry Pull N Peel (comes in assortments with Twizzlers containing wheat) (Target – assortment of 120 for $7.99; Walmart – assortment of 100 for $4.48)
  • Disney Candy Mix (Target – 120 for $7.99)
  • Marvel Candy Mix (Target – 120 for $7.99)
  • Twizzler Strawberry Twists and Twizzler Filled Twists, in Twizzler & Jolly Rancher assortment (Walmart – 100 for $4.48; Sam’s Club – 225 for $10.98; Target – 120 for $7.99)
Contains Milk or Milk warning (but free from other 7 top allergens):
  • Ring Pops (Sam’s Club - 40 for $9.98)
  • Exploding Candy (Dollar Tree - 25 pouches for $1)
Contains Egg or Egg warning (but free from other 7 top allergens):
  • Nerds, SweeTarts, Bottlecaps, and Laffy Taffy (which contains soy) in Wonka Mixups bag (Sam’s Club – 270 for $9.98)
  • Spooky Nerds, SweeTart Skull & Bones, and Howlin’ Laffy Taffy (which contains soy) in Wonka Monster Treats bag (Walmart – 1.81 lbs for $4.48)
Contains Soy and Wheat or warnings (but free from other 6 top allergens):
  • Twizzlers (Sam’s Club - tub of 180 individually wrapped for $7.24)
  • Twizzler Snack Size Twists (Target - 60 for $2.66)
  • Airheads (Sam’s Club: 90 for $8.98; Target – 60 for $7.99)
  • Airhead Mini Bars (Target – 105 for $7.99; Walmart – 30 for $2.28)
Contains Milk and Soy or warnings (but free from other 6 top allergens):
  • Charms Blow Pops (Sam’s Club - 100 for $8.86; Walmart - 50 for $4.48)
  • Double Bubble gum (Walmart – 72 for $2.28) [Note: the Double Bubble Gum from Dollar Tree and from Target doesn’t have a milk warning, so they may use multiple factories. Check labels carefully before eating]
  • Kraft Caramels (Walmart - 50 for $1.98)
  • Sixlets (tiny cellophane tubes of 6 round candy-coated chocolate flavored balls): (Dollar Tree - 18 for $1; Target – 150 for $7.99)
  • Tootsie Rolls Midges (Dollar Tree and Target carry, but I forgot to check prices; Sam’s Club – 760 for $7.48; Walmart – 360 for $4.48)
  • Tootsie Roll large rolls, in jar (Sam’s Club – 96 for $8.34)
  • Child’s Playtime Mix with Tootsie Fruit Rolls (corn, soy, milk), Dots (corn), Tootsie Pops (corn, soy, milk), Tootsie Rolls (corn, soy, milk). (Sam’s Club – 5.3 lbs for $9.78)
  • Sugar Daddies (Dollar Tree – 10 for $1)
  • Tootsie Pops (Dollar Tree – 11 for $1; Sam’s Club – 100 for $9.18; Walmart – 50 for $4.48)
  • Hershey’s Chocolate bars, the 1.55 ounce size ONLY (most other sizes contain nut warnings) (Sam’s Club – 36 for $19.15)
Contains Wheat and Egg or warnings (but free from other 6 top allergens):
  • Wonka Nerds Ropes (Sam’s Club - 24 for $13.18)
  • Wonka Shockers (Sam’s Club – 24 for $13.18)
  • Wonka Nerds (Sam’s Club – 24 boxes for $13.18, Target - 27 for $2.66)
Non-Candy Ideas:
  • Angie’s Kettle Corn Classic Flavor, free from Top 8 (Target, 24 pouches for $7.99)
  • Lay’s Potato Chips, free from Top 8 (Sam’s Club, 50 pouches for $11.98)
  • Corn Nuts Ranch Flavor, contains soy but free from other 7 (Sam’s Club – 18 for $8.12)
  • Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings, contains milk and soy (Sam’s Club – 50 pouches for $11.98)
  • Oreos Minis, in Funsize packages, contains soy and wheat (Target – 18 for ???)
  • Oreos, regular size, 30 packs of 6 cookies each, contains soy and wheat (Sam’s Club – $9.56)
  • Keebler Crème-Filled Sugar Wafer Cookies, 24 packs of 10 cookies each, contains soy and wheat (Sam’s Club - $8.48)
  • Slim Jim Meat Sticks, contains beef, chicken, soy, and wheat (Sam’s Club – 100 individually wrapped for $16.64)
  • Drinks, like Kool-Aid Jammers or Capri Suns, or sodas in mini-cans (available everywhere) – check ingredients
Non-Food Ideas:
Don’t forget, you don’t have to hand out candy to your trick-or-treaters. Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, and party stores like Zurchers, as well as Oriental Trading Company’s website have plenty of Halloween-themed novelties you can hand out, such as:
  • Halloween Hot Wheels 5-pack (Target)
  • Bat or spider rings
  • Plastic bugs and creepy crawlies
  • Halloween bouncy balls
  • Vampire teeth
  • Halloween-colored bracelets
  • Halloween pencils or erasers
  • Glow sticks or bracelets
  • Drinking straws with Halloween figures on them
Watch Out for These:
The following candies may land in your child’s trick-or-treat bags, and they may not have ingredients labels, so watch out for them:
  • Columbina candies – all have a factory warning for Peanuts, Egg, Tree Nuts, Soy, Milk, and Wheat
  • Tiger Pops – packaging lists all allergens
  • Lemonheads contain only corn, but are usually found in assortment bags that include warnings for all the allergens on the overall packaging
  • Jawbreakers contain only sucrose (doesn’t list corn), but packaged in an assortment that lists all the allergens in a factory warning
  • Warheads – various packaging lists some or all Top 8 allergens in factory warnings
  • Bazooka Gum-Filled Pops – lists only corn, but comes in an assortment listing all allergens in a factory warning
  • Cry Baby Sour Gumballs – contains corn
  • All mini and fun-sized Hershey’s chocolates contain nut warnings and should be avoided. Plain milk-chocolate and dark-chocolate Hershey’s kisses are nut-free, but contain milk. Most flavored kisses (caramel, cherry-filled, etc.) list nut contamination. The only nut-free size of Hershey bars is the 1.55 ounce size (the type commonly sold alongside graham crackers and marshmallows for S’Mores.)
  • I have not found any taffy that is nut-free, so assume all taffy contains nut contamination.
Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes or Party Food:
  • Market Pantry Sour Gummy Worms (Target – single hang-bag for $1)
  • Life Savers Spooky Shapes Gummies (Target – single box for $1)
  • Dollar Tree has lots of spooky, creepy gummies and candies that would look great on cupcakes, Jell-O cups, or Rice Krispy Treats.
  • Haribo Gummy Bears (contains corn and coconut, but free from Top 8), available at Target and other stores

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