Monday, May 24, 2010

Continuing to Raise Food Allergy Awareness

by Kelley Lindberg

Food Allergy Awareness Week was May 9 – 15. People all over the country participated in many ways – giving presentations to schools, making videos, reading food allergy books at library story-times, writing to their elected officials to support more funding, and so on. It was an exciting week!

But just because Food Allergy Awareness Week is over, that doesn’t mean we don’t spend the other 51 weeks of the year raising awareness, too. For most of us, it's a daily, ongoing educational process, teaching the people around us and our children what it means to live with food allergies. The more people understand how dangerous, pervasive, and common food allergies are, the better life will be for those who are food allergic.

To continue raising awareness about the danger of food allergies, the Food Allergy Initiative has created a video that punches home a single, critical idea:

Every 15 minutes, a child is rushed to the emergency room because of food allergies.
Watch the Food Allergy Initiative’s video here. It’s jarring. It’s emotional. It’s surprising. And it just might get through to some of those folks out there who don’t always seem to “get it.” (You know, the in-laws who think you’re making it up, or the aunt who just can’t seem to leave her favorite nut-covered cheese ball home at family parties.) Give it a look, then pass it on.

And keep spreading awareness. An aware society is a safer society.

That’s good for all of us.

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