Monday, April 20, 2009

A Well-Written Article

One of the best articles I’ve seen lately about food allergies was in the Salt Lake Tribune last Wednesday. And no, I don’t think it’s a great article just because Michelle Fogg (UFAN founder) and I are both quoted in it. (In fact, that usually makes me nervous – I’m much more comfortable doing the interviewing than being the interviewee!) No, it’s a great article because it’s very comprehensive, easy to understand, and (get this) useful.

The writer, Sean Means, set out to tell parents of children newly diagnosed with food allergies the most helpful information they need to know right away. And I think he did a great job. If you haven’t read it yet, click here.

One of the most valuable things this article accomplishes is reassuring parents that feeling overwhelmed and frustrated is normal and reasonable – and experienced by every other parent of food-allergic children (and food allergic adults themselves). Then the article goes on to explain that before too long, you learn to live with food allergies, and those “why me?” emotions fade, eventually being replaced by competence, confidence, and a positive attitude. How amazing is that?

Just knowing there really is “life after diagnosis” can help you get through those first couple of months. I sincerely thank Sean Means for showing more Utah parents that light at the end of the tunnel last week.

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