Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions 2009

Well, the New Year is underway, and so far, things are going pretty well. Except for the part about losing weight (I gained 5 pounds over Christmas), exercising more (I carried the laundry from room to room – does that count?), working on my novel (haven’t touched it since November), eating healthy (that pizza last night was sure tasty), keeping my house cleaner (the Christmas trees are still up, decorations cover every flat surface, and now there are boxes piled in the living room waiting for me to find the time to put it all away for next year), becoming rich (the lottery tickets I bought in Texas didn’t win), and getting organized (I know that bill is somewhere under this pile of papers – or maybe that pile of papers, or…).

Sigh. A nice, shiny New Year, and I’ve already put a hundred nicks and dents in it. Here we are, Day 5 of 2009, and things look pretty much like they did on Day 365 of 2008. (And, come to think of it, Day 365 of 2007.)

Maybe that’s not all bad. There’s comfort in consistency, after all.

So what if my goals for 2009 look identical to my goals from 2008? They were good goals, and they’re hardly used, so they still look brand-new. I’m all about recycling.

Better yet, as I sit here at my cluttered desk, surrounded by dusty Christmas decorations, maybe I’ll just skip all the big life-changing goals and concentrate on things I like doing. I’m going to continue creating new recipes for my food-allergic son and his friends. I’m going to read more books. I’ll continue to take on freelance writing assignments. I’m going to make time for lunch or coffee with friends more often. I’ll keep writing my novel. I’ll plan the occasional night out with my husband. And I’ll continue to lead the Davis County chapter of the Utah Food Allergy Network.

There. That sounds like a reasonable set of goals. Now I can ignore the Christmas decorations for another day, right?

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